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‘Unlock Access Denied: How to Enable Javascript and Cookies on Your Browser’

Do you encounter a ‘Page Access Denied’ error message when trying to access to a website? If yes, this article explains how to easily enable Javascript and Cookies on your browser, and unlock access to such page.

Why does ‘Page Access Denied’ appear?
Typically, ‘Page Access Denied’ error message appears when the website you are trying to access detects you are using automation tools (i.e. ad blockers). Other causes include browser not supporting cookies or Javascript being blocked or disabled.

Enabling Javascript and Cookies: Step-By-Step Guide
1. Check browser extension
First, check whether your browser has any extension installed (such as ad blockers) which may be preventing Javascript and Cookies from loading.

2. Check browser settings
Next, check your browser settings to make sure Javascript and Cookies are enabled.

3. Test page
Once you have ensured both Javascript and Cookies are allowed, test the page by refreshing it. This should unlock ‘Page Access Denied’.

Enabling Javascript and Cookies on your browser is the key to unlock ‘Page Access Denied’ error message. Follow the steps outlined above to enable the needed settings and resolve your problem.

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