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The Dow Jones Futures Soaring – Market Rally Continues as Two ‘Magnificent Seven’ Stocks Set Up Buy Signals


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Have you been denied access to a page because of an automation tool? This issue could be caused by disabled Javascript, an ad blocker, or if your browser does not accept cookies. To ensure that you won’t encounter this issue, make sure that Javascript and cookies are enabled and not being blocked on your browser. With the right steps, you can easily avoid a frustrating experience when browsing.
#Enable Javascript and Cookies to Avoid Access Denial
If you’ve recently been denied access to a page, it could be because an automation tool was detected. This can happen if you’ve disabled Javascript, installed an ad blocker, or your browser doesn’t accept cookies. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this issue from occurring again.

##Turn On Javascript
The first step to avoid being locked out of pages is by ensuring that Javascript is turned on. Many browsers require Javascript in order to run correctly, so if it’s disabled, you won’t have access to certain pages. Make sure that your Javascript settings are enabled and that no extensions are blocking it.

##Allow Cookies
Another important setting you should check is whether or not your browser accepts cookies. Cookies are small files that websites use to identify and remember certain settings about you. Some features won’t run properly without cookies so double check that they’re enabled as well.

By turning on Javascript and accepting cookies, you can easily restore access to the page you’re trying to browse. Avoid the frustration of being locked out and ensure that these settings are correctly enabled. With these steps, you can ensure a smooth browsing experience.

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