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Access To This Page Denied? How To Re-Enable Javascript and Cookies

If you are getting an error message saying that access to the page has been denied, it means that your browser has blocked Javascript and/or cookies from loading. This can be frustrating, since often you don’t have control over the settings of your browser – particularly if you are using a work computer or laptop.

Fortunately, in most cases, it’s simple to get your browser to re-enable Javascript and cookies. We’ll show you how.

Why Javascript and Cookies Need To Be Enabled

Javascript and cookies are necessary for many websites to function properly. They enable the website to remember key information about you – like the items you have selected in an online shopping cart – as you navigate around the site.

Without these features enabled, you could be missing out on some of the most important functionality on the website.

How To Re-Enable Javascript and Cookies

If you are having difficulty with accessing a page because Javascript or cookies have been blocked, try the following steps.

Step 1: Check Your Browser’s Settings

First, you’ll want to check the browser settings to ensure that both Javascript and cookies have not been disabled. You can usually do this via the “Settings” menu in your browser. Make sure both features are enabled.

Step 2: Disable Your Ad Blocker

If you have an ad blocker installed, it could be blocking Javascript or cookies from loading. Try disabling the ad blocker temporarily and see if that helps.

Step 3: Clear Your Browser’s Cache

If you have recently changed your browser settings – or if you have recently enabled an ad blocker – the browser may be caching the old settings. Try clearing the cache. This should get your browser up and running again.

Step 4: Contact The Website’s Support Team

If nothing else works, you may need to contact the website’s support team. They can help you troubleshoot any further issues.


If you are getting an error message indicating that access to a website has been denied, it might be because your browser’s Javascript and/or cookies are disabled. Fortunately, it is usually easy to fix this with a few quick adjustments. Check your browser’s settings, disable any ad blockers, and clear the cache. If all else fails, contact the website’s support team.

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